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Installation and service of all types, modifications and producers of elevators in Switzerland and other EU countries

Every year we successfully assemble elevators from Schindler, Kone, Otis, AS Aufzüge, ThyssenKrupp, Haushahn and others.

Next Innovation GmbH is your reliable partner for elevator assembly and maintenance

Elevators are our specialty. Our team of qualified specialists has many years of experience in this field and knows how to install and maintain elevators of all types and brands. Working in Europe we maintain high standards and quality requirements of our employees.

Thanks to our experience, we are trusted complex repair and modernization of existing elevators. We know exactly how to make your elevator system run smoothly and for many years to meet the needs of users.

Our Services

We offer professional elevator assembly. Skilled craftsmen use modern components and materials to keep your elevator equipment running smoothly for its entire service life.

Service and Repair

We offer competent maintenance and repair services for your elevators. Trained personnel are regularly trained and educated about new technology in the elevator industry. Our masters know what to look for first, so they quickly find faulty parts and point out wear and tear on other elements.


Modern elevator systems are an essential part of residential buildings, shopping centers, and offices. We will help you to modernize your elevator equipment: choose the appropriate parts and install them professionally.


Our masters perform stage-by-stage dismantling of lifting equipment. Proven technology allows you to quickly and safely perform the dismantling of elevators with any type of elevator.

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We implement any your idea

Our company is ready to implement any concept and satisfy the wishes of every customer. When it comes to the assembly and repair of elevators, we are unrivaled. Masters are working in the European Union, constantly learning new things and using the acquired knowledge in practice.

Cooperating with us, you can be sure of precise realization of your project. We have qualified employees who are 100% safety-conscious.

Working with reputable partners such as Schindler, Kone, Otis, AS Aufzüge, ThyssenKrupp and Haushahn, we achieve the highest level in the implementation of your projects.


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